Why Choose Dom's?


It’s Healthy

When looking for natural body care products, you have to be a discerning shopper. Unfortunately, many seemingly natural ingredients can still expose you to the harmful chemicals you are consciously striving to avoid such as herbicides and pesticides used in growing the plants, and chemicals used in their processing. That is why DOM’S takes natural a step further by choosing simple, organic, plant based ingredients that are sustainably and ethically sourced. Most of the ingredients are even edible.  

DOM’S is not an antiperspirant. Your body was made to sweat to remove toxins from your bodyand regulate your body temperature. We do not want to inhibit this process.  Commercial antiperspirants contain aluminum salts which basically plug your sweat gland ducts and create a chemical blockade to moisture escaping. Then synthetic fragrances and other chemicals mask or eliminate the odour.  Imagine over a lifetime of use, what effects this synthetic chemical exposure has on the body.

It’s Kind

We only use 100% plant based, biodegradable ingredients in glass jars that are infinitely reusable or recyclable. We do not use beeswax because we figure the bees could use our help too. All our products are vegan and GMO-free.

It Works

One application a day will keep you fresh, even through the toughest workouts. The natural ingredients we choose effectively inhibit odour causing bacteria while nurturing your skin. Our low baking soda + dietary Magnesium formulas ensure superior odour protection without irritation (given a thumb’s up by previously baking soda sensitive customers). We even have a baking soda free option for extra sensitive skin. Our creamy, heat stable formula ensures a mess-free application. Simply scoop a pea-sized amount of DOM’S with your fingers and apply to each underarm where it will melt and absorb on contact with warm skin. Each jar is a 3-6 month supply.


We are also a member of the non-profit 1% For the Planet, meaning every jar sold helps contribute to global solutions for our environmental challenges. 





J Picard  |  By far the BEST natural deodorant I've ever used. Thank you so much for making a natural and vegan product that actually works, and works amazingly!! So happy I found Dom's!


A. Kroeker  |  Just finished playing hockey for two hours and ran a 10km and I STILL smell amazing!


M. Lewicka  |  You will not believe it until you try it...I'm not trying to sound like a sales person...but it is true! Today I went for a massage, two pretty intense meetings, did an assignment and did a presentation in I sit here right now after a long day...I still feel pretty fresh and clean. Thank you Dom! Lemongrass my fave!


J. Hooge  |  I love this deodorant! At first I was super skeptical because the last natural deodorant I used didn't work at all. But this works fabulous, it even keeps working through my Zumba and cycling classes. I am thoroughly impressed! And it smells great too!


S. Sugden  |  I work in the sun on a patio and play roller derby, name brand deodorants (women's and men's) were not holding up over the day. I have been using Dom's for the last month and it's really impressed me, not only do I rarely feel the need to reapply but I can wear the same shirt more than once without concern that it will smell bad (which always drove me nuts before). I had also been concerned that the coconut oil may damage my clothes but it's no different than applying moisturizer or sunscreen before dressing. The price point seamed a bit high but for something of such high quality and works so well, I will definitely purchase it again in the future.

M Kelln  |  I have struggled for at least a year with underarm odor and no matter what I tried nothing worked and then I purchased a jar of Dom's Deoderant and it WORKS, I've finished one jar, going to start my second, if this is something you struggle with I suggest you try Dom's it controls odor and sweating, that seems to get worse the older we get ☺️


C Cassells  |  Hello just to let you know that I did purchase the citrus scent of your deodorant and I LOVE it. Thanks so much I have had such a bad reaction to my other products and once I tried yours my underarms felt great and smell amazing. I appreciate the high quality of your products and will be making sure that my 10 year daughter will be using Dom's as well.