How do I use DOM’S?  Why is it in a jar?

Our goal is to create a super effective deodorant that is healthy for the body as well as the planet and its creatures.  That is why DOM’S comes in a glass jar just like a face cream. Your underarms deserve the same care and attention as the rest of your body.  Simply scoop out a pea-sized amount with your finger and gently massage it into your armpit area where it absorbs quickly and easily with no greasy or sticky residue.  The glass jars are infinitely recyclable or re-usable and are non-porous so they do not react with the essential oils in the deodorant (as plastic containers could).


Is applying with your fingers sanitary?

As the ingredients in the deodorant are antibacterial in nature, it is perfectly hygienic to scoop some out with your finger and apply it as you would a cream or lotion to your underarms.  This application also has the benefit of allowing you to ‘get to know’ your underarm area like a health self-check.


Is it OK for people with sensitive skin?

Everyone has unique body chemistry.  A small percentage of people may have experienced irritation with other natural baking soda deodorants. DOM’S has been reformulated with less baking soda and the addition of pharmaceutical grade dietary Magnesium for irritation free odour protection. Our previously sensitive customers have given it the thumbs up!

For those who have super sensitive skin, our Blue Label DOM’S is baking soda free.  It combines dietary Magnesium with Organic Neem oil and Pure Witch Hazel for healthy freshness (it may require reapplication on more active days).


Is DOM’S Heat Stable?

Yes!  We’ve added just the right amount of organic cocoa butter and organic vegetable wax to keep the deodorant from melting and separating in the heat of warmer months.  It stays solid but soft enough for a creamy, mess-free application.

Conversely in colder temperatures, some natural deodorants are really hard and difficult to scoop.  DOM’S new and improved formula keeps it soft enough to scoop and apply with ease.


What about sweating?

DOM’S is not an antiperspirant.  Your body was made to sweat to eliminate toxins

and regulate your body temperature.  We do not want to inhibit this process.  Commercial antiperspirants contain aluminum salts which basically plug your sweat gland ducts and create a chemical blockade to moisture escaping.  Then synthetic fragrances and other chemicals mask or eliminate the odour. Imagine over a lifetime of use, what effects this synthetic chemical exposure has on the body.   

DOM’S uses 100% pure and simple organic ingredients provided by nature to effectively inhibit the bacteria that cause odour. Customers who have switched from commercial antiperspirants have commented to us that they notice a reduction in their underarm sweat after switching to DOM’S, likely because they’ve allowed their bodies to finally eliminate the toxic chemical blockade and re-establish a natural balance in the their underarm area.


Which deodorant is right for me?

DOM’S comes in 6 Amazing Unisex Blends:

All but the Blue label contain a small amount of baking soda, which we’ve combined with pharmaceutical grade dietary Magnesium to give superior odour protection without irritation.  We encourage even previously baking soda sensitive customers to try any of these terrific blends, as we have had positive feedback from our sensitive users. The Blue Label baking soda free blend is available for those with super sensitive skin (as it has no baking soda, it may require reapplication on more active days).

The scented blends incorporate certified organic essential oils, chosen for their antibacterial properties as well as their wonderful smells.  The White label is Unscented for those who prefer a scent free product.

The Lemongrass/Cedar/Teatree blend (Green label) and the Frankincense/Fir (Grey label) are favorites among women, men, and teenage boys.

Teenage girls love the Lemon/Citrus blend (Yellow label).

The very popular Lavender/Rosemary blend (Purple label) is not too sweet but more herbaceous and fresh.

Pregnant Mothers to Be? The Natural/Unscented blend (White label) or the Lemon Citrus blend (Yellow label) would be perfect choices.

All are great in scent-free environments as the scent of the pure essential oils does dissipate after application.  


What can I expect when switching from a commercial antiperspirant or deodorant?

Congratulations on making a healthy choice to ditch toxin filled products! The transition to DOM’S is free and easy for the great majority of customers.  As all bodies are unique, very few may experience ‘breakthrough odour’ for a week or so after making the switch as their bodies detox from their former product and adjust to a natural one.  After that, it’s toxin free freshness. Your body will love you for it!